Designing of your Photo-Books

A photobook is a gift or a keepsake that lasts a lifetime.


You have photos everywhere, and to be fair, no one wants to sit and look through your phone with you! Why not make a photobook? It brings the family together and makes sure that they have your memories, and theirs – forever!

STEP 1: Make sure your Photographs are prepared for print.
Option A Option B
Photographs which are edited, colour
corrected and prepared for print.

This is when the images have been
through post production and saved at least
240 dpi. Each photograph needs to be
a minimum of 3 megabytes in size.
There is no charge for this option
Photographs straight out of digital
camera or original print of a photograph.

This is when the images have not been
prepared for print and need to be scanned
and/or processed and saved at a resolution
that is high enough for print use.
R20 per scan and/or R20 per process
STEP 2: How to save and deliver all of your photographs.

Place your photographs into the correct timeline for the photo book and save them to a USB.
If you would like to add sayings to specific photographs, please give clear instructions.
(ie: File number 1234 “Happy Birthday Dad”) on a separate document.
This can also be submitted electronically.


STEP 3: Layout and set up. (once off fee – applicable to all Photo Books)

The number of pages is determined by the number of photographs that you have and the look
you would like to create. For example, if you have 60 photos and you would like each one
to have their own page – you will need to order a 60 page book. However, if you would like to
put 60 photos in a 28 page book, you will end up with some pages with 2 photos on, some pages
with 4 photos on etc. In this case, Its a good idea to tell The Photo Shed which photos are the
ones that you would like to have on a full page, 2 on a page etc in your written instructions.
The minimum number of pages is 28, and the maximum number of pages is 100.
(A6 books have a maximum number of 50 pages, and A5 books have a maximum number of 60 pages).
The Photo Shed will assemble your Photo Book as per your photographs and
instruction and email you a proof for you to check.


28-40 Pages
44-56 Pages
60-72 Pages
72-100 Pages
STEP 4: Additional changes.

The Layout and Set Up Fee described in Step 3 includes:
The layout of your Photo Book as per your instructions emailed through to you as a proof.
You have the opportunity to check it and make any changes.
These changes will be made and a final proof will be emailed off for signature.
Any Additional changes will be charged at R350 per hour or part thereof.


STEP 5: Choose your Cover.
Soft Cover with your
Photograph on the
Hard Cover with your
Photograph on the
Hard Cover with
Leatherette finish and
writing the Cover
STEP 6: Determine the size of and number of pages.

See prices below


STEP 7: Determine how many copies you would like.

If you Print more than one copy of the same Photo Book you can save if your print extra
copies of the book. THE LAYOUT & SET UP FEE is a once off cost.
These are the discounts for each book printed of the same layout

2 -5 Copies
Less 10 % of the
Photo Book
Printing Price
6-10 Copies
Less 15 % of the
Photo Book
Printing Price
11-15 Copies
Less 20 % of the
Photo Book
Printing Price
15 plus copies
Less 25 % of the
Photo Book
Printing Price


STEP 8: Postage and Packaging.

All Photo Books are delivered directly to The Photo Shed in Onrus, Hermanus at a cost of R200.
Further dispatch will happen from there. Additional courier costs are as follows:

Quantities over 10 quoted on request

1 -5 Copies
to Major Cities
6-10 Copies
to Major Cities
1-5 Copies
to Outlying Areas
6-10 Copies
to Outlying Areas
STEP 9: Calculating your price and final design instructions.
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STEP 1: A) My Photographs meet the print specifications
B) I need _____ original images scanned at R20 per image
C) I need _____ original images processed at R20 per image
STEP 3: A) Layout & Set Up of 28 – 40 pages at R1150
B) Layout & Set Up of 44 – 56 pages at R1450
C) Layout & Set Up of 60 – 72 pages at R1750
D) Layout & Set Up of 72 – 100 pages at R2250
STEP 4: Type of cover – A) Hard or B) Soft.
Design on cover – A) photograph or B) leatherette with writing
STEP 5: Additional Hours (These will be calculated before going to print) R______
STEP 6: Cost of book based on above size and number of pages R______
STEP 7: Number of copies of Photo Book if more than 1 R______
STEP 8: Discount on quantity (if applicable) to Step 5 and Step 6 R______
STEP 9: Postage and Packaging to The Photo Shed
Additional Delivery
Total Due:!
STEP 10: Payment and Terms and Conditions.

50% of the total amount payable is due when the photographs and wording is delivered to / emailed to The Photo Shed.
The Balance is payable in full once the final approval has been given – before the Photo Book
goes to be printed.
The Photo Shed will take no responsibility for spelling errors or photographs in the wrong order.

STEP 11: Delivery Time.

February – October:
7 working days for layout and set up
14 working days for printing and delivery

November – January:
14 working days for layout and set up
21 working days for printing and delivery

Express deliveries available – quote on request – and come at an extra fee.


28 Pages R1 050,00 R850,00 R500,00
32 Pages R1 150,00 R950,00 R600,00
36 Pages R1 250,00 R1 050,00 R700,00
40 Pages R1 350,00 R1 150,00 R800,00
44 Pages R1 450,00 R1 250,00 R900,00
48 Pages R1 550,00 R1 350,00 R1 000,00
52 Pages R1 650,00 R1 450,00 R1 100,00
56 Pages R1 750,00 R1 550,00 R1 200,00
60 Pages R1 850,00 R1 650,00 R1 300,00
70 Pages R1 950,00 R1 750,00 n/a
80 Pages R2 450,00 R2 150,00 n/a
90 Pages R2 950,00 R2 550,00 n/a
100 Pages R3 450,00 R2 950,00 n/a
28 Pages R500,00 R380,00 R330,00
32 Pages R570,00 R440,00 R380,00
36 Pages R640,00 R500,00 R430,00
40 Pages R710,00 R560,00 R480,00
44 Pages R780,00 R620,00 R530,00
48 Pages R850,00 R680,00 R580,00
52 Pages R920,00 R740,00 n/a
56 Pages R990,00 R800,00 n/a
60 Pages R1 060,00 R860,00 n/a
70 Pages R1 130,00 n/a n/a
80 Pages R1 330,00 n/a n/a
90 Pages R1 530,00 n/a n/a
100 Pages R1 730,00 n/a n/a