Manfrotto 190 Aluminium 4-Section Tripod (MT190XPRO4)


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Manfrotto 190 Aluminium 4-Section Tripod (MT190XPRO4)

This go-anywhere multi-purpose tripod features a 4-section aluminium leg system which makes it more compact and lightweight, an Easy Link Connector for flash or other devices and Quick Power Lock Levers for maximum security and stability.

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Tripods are often considered to be an essential bit of kit which many photographers and videographers love to hate as they can be cumbersome and a downright pain to carry everywhere. That all about changes with the Manfrotto MT190XPRO4, a super-lightweight and easy to transport aluminium tripod. The genius of this tripod lies in the 4-section design of the tripod legs, the additional fourth leg section allows the tripod to be collapsed to a very nifty 49cm, making it easy to carry as part of your everyday gear. The lightweight aluminium construction provides strength and stability and won’t be easily noticed on top of a back pack, or when carried in one’s free hand.

Compact with tons of features

The Manfrotto 190 Aluminium 4-Section Tripod may be one of the most versatile compact tripods available today. Part of its appeal has to do with its core construction and added features. The tripod features Manfrotto’s own Quick Power Lock Levers which add incredible stability in the locked position and can be very quickly unlocked for fast collapsing when speed is of the essence. The tripod also features a handy Easy Link Connector on the top casting, allowing for convenient connection of flash units and other accessories. Finally a rotating bubble level ensures that you always maintain the perfect framing, every time, regardless of terrain.


  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Maximum Payload: 7kg
  • Closed Length: 49cm
  • Full Extension: 160cm
  • Quick Power Lock Levers
  • Rotating Bubble Level
  • Easy Link Connector
  • Lightweight Aluminium Construction
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Product Brand: Manfrotto


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1x Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum Tripod