Lowepro 5.0 Navi Dash Black




Lowepro 5.0 Navi Dash Black

The Lowepro 5.0 Navi Dash is a all-in-one GPS mounting, storage & protection case. It features a unique design as it secures to your dashboard without any mounts or suction cups. Simply unfold the Navi Dash and lay it flat on a clean dashboard, and a weighted base with a non-slip surface will let your GPS hang in front of the dashboard. Two cord ports allow the GPS device to charge while in its case.

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  • Cushioned wrap material protects a 5.0″ GPS screen while in use and when stored
  • Non-slip, silicone rubber facing securely holds GPS device on a dry dashboard surface
  • Quick and secure side closures provide a snug fit when GPS device is wrapped nad stored in case
  • Stretchy, neoprene construction offers a secure fit and allows GPS device to be placed in a convenient viewing location
  • Two port openings to charge GPS device while in use
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