Olympus 15mm f/8.0 Body Cap Lens (White)



Body Cap with Wide-Angle Lens
15mm Lens (30mm in 35mm Format)
Fixed f/8.0 Aperture
Pan-Focus Lens
Manual Focus Lever
Lens Protection Barrier
9mm Thick Cap Protects Sensor
Fits Olympus Micro Four Thirds Cameras


The 15mm f/8.0 Body Cap Lens (White) from Olympus is a unique wide-angle lens that also serves as a body cap, and a unique body cap that also serves as a wide-angle lens. As a 9mm thick body cap, it protects the camera’s sensor and internal functions but it’s also a pan-focus wide-angle snapshot lens. A lens-protection barrier keeps the lens safe and allows it to stay mounted when the camera is in your bag or pocket. Bring it out to shoot when there is no time or need to mount other lenses. It provides a wide-angle image equivalent to 30mm in 35mm format and a fixed f/8.0 aperture. It has a manual focus front lever and is able to focus as close as 11.8″ (30 cm) with a deep depth of field. This Body Cap Lens fits Olympus Micro Four Thirds mount cameras.

  • Serves as body cap to protect camera’s sensor and internal functions, but has small 15mm wide-angle lens to shoot while cap is in place.
  • 30mm focal length in 35mm format.
  • Pan-focus lens and fixed f/8.0 aperture.
  • Manual focus lever for closer focusing.
  • 9mm thick.


Product Brand: Olympus
SKU: V325010WE000
Focal Length: 15mm
Lens Aperture: f/8
Camera Mount Type: Micro Four Thirds
Elements/Groups: 3 / 3
Image Stabilization: No
Autofocus: No
Tripod Collar: No
Filter Thread: None