What is a professional photographer?


A Professional photographer has the ability to combine technical proficiency with artistry to create authentic images.


Why use a professional photographer?


Professional photographers bring years of training and experience to your photoshoot. They know everything about lighting, set design, cameras, production and visual communication. They know how to make use of every setting to create the best possible images for you.

Experienced professionals ‘go with the flow’ and have the ability to make adjustments as light, weather, moods and all conditions, ensuring that even unexpected changes are managed proficiently so they don’t miss a single shot, and you get the result you hope for.

They have good communication skills, the ability to work well under pressure, control a crowd with kindness, have patience, dedication and give attention to the big picture as well as the smaller details.

Professional photographers have the ability to work independently as well as with a team.
Your family, your business, your image are important to you. Make sure that you have it captured professionally.
Getting prepared for a shoot is expensive. Don’t go to all of that expense and set up, and then hire an amteur photographer.

While our studio is based at 23 Molteno Street in Onrus, Hermanus, we travel to all areas, and also have a list of colleagues who we can refer you to.


We also offer video services:


Our studio offers a controlled and quiet space where you can talk to your audience or your loved one with very little outside noise interference.
We have standard backdrops as well as a green screen which enables us to drop any background in that you would like to. We also have a variety of seating, making sure that you can give the atmosphere/ vibe that you would like.
We can also video your demonstrations (ie: a cooking demonstration).


Live streaming:


Live streaming technology allows you to share videos in real time, a bit like watching live TV. This is great way to include people who are unable to attend an event – in your event.

We have the experience and the equipment to make sure that your audience can see, hear and get a feeling of being at your event.



Professional Printing of your Photographs



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