Personal Use

Processing of your favourite photographs so that they display beautifully.


Do you have a photo or two that you would love to hang on a wall?

We look at your image and advise what is the largest size that you can print it at.

You then decide on a size and what material you want it printed on..

We can also edit out un sighlty objects such as telephone poles. We then process you image and prepare it for print.

We can print it for you on any material, from curtains, wood and glass to gallery-quality, archival paper or canvas – simply click here for details.


Your cell phone photos can also be beautifully processed


Do you have too many photos and no idea how to manage them?

We filter out the bad ones, process the good ones, give them to you to use on social media, print them for you, or even make a photo-book with them – simply click here for details.


Scan your slides and old photographs


Do you have all of your old photographs, negatives and slides lying around?

If you do – give them to us! We will scan them for you and give them to you on a disk so that you can look at them on your computer and share them with family and friends.

We can also process them for you beautifully, print them for you or make them into a photobook – simply click here for details or we can print them for you.


High Res Output per Image
Additional Sizes for FB, Web, Social Media etc.
R 50.00
R 10.00
R 40.00
R 10.00
R 35.00
R 10.00
R 30.00
R 10.00
R 25.00
R 10.00
R 20.00
R 10.00
301 +
R 15.00
R 10.00


Every Digital Image has different sizes and technical specifications for Print, Powerpoint, Websites, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Let us size and profile them correctly, so that your images display properly and quickly. This even applies to your logos.



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