How to Capture Natural Light

Learn to photograph with natural light.

We will teach you how to find the light, angle the light – and then capture it well.



(photo above captured with simple morning light coming in the kitchen window. ©Peter Hassall)

photography is all about light. become a ‘ligh stalker’ with us! 


Starts every Wednesday: 

Together with our sister company, thephotowalkers.com, we have been teaching photography since 2012 and have now created an incredible on-line photography course which will teach you to become brilliant at finding the ‘magic’ in natural light, getting your angle right and creating incredible, true and beautiful photographs.


This is an incredible Photography course aimed at:

▶️ Cell phone, DSLR, bridge or mirrorless camera users
▶️ Anyone who wants to improve their photography with this incredible ‘Free Ingredient’ 


Time required:
  • The daily workshops are released at 09h00. (GMT +2) 
  • There is an average of 15 minutes of workshops per day with between 2 and 4 educational tutorials per workshop
  • During the course you get three practical exercises to do. These are so that your instructors can see that you understand the technical side of photography, therefore enhancing your unique creative ability. These exercises can be done anytime during the 7 days and will take about 30 minutes to photograph and upload
  • There is a webinar on the Monday night at 18h00 (GMT +2) which takes about 45 minutes . If there is a need for another time slot due to global time differences, the instructors will gladly accommodate
  • The course remains open for you indefinitely so that you can go back and re-watch the tutorials at anytime
  • If you complete the full course in 7 days, you receive a VIP coupon code for a 20% discount on a future course with The Photo Shed Academy


The daily workshops include:

Day 1: A run through camera settings on Canon, Nikon, Olympus, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei. You only have watch the ones that are applicable to you!
Day 2: Start with the basics – get your composition right so you understand where to let the light in.  Seeing light through Timelapse
Day 3: Understanding light. This is a deep and valuable workshop that will open your mind to the ‘free’ world around you!  
Day 4: Looking beyond the light and working with it and then learn to capture it. Learn to reflect it, polarise it and work with it. Make some props and learn basic tricks that will make your photographs stand out! 
Day 5: A look at your home/office and your available light and create ‘mini-studios’ to photograph beautifully. (Includes feedback from instructors)
Day 6: Using the dark to enhance the light. How to tell a visual story through ‘light stalking’ the morning light. 
Day 7: How to process light so that you enhance it and don’t over process to take away its magic


Whats is the cost and how do I pay?
  • International: 7 days / 7 workshops / *$7 per day – so $49.00. Simply pay by credit card by adding to the USD cart above in the yellow button
  • South Africa:  7 days / 7 workshops / *R100 per day  – so R700.00.
  • Please pay EFT.
    The Photo Shed

    Hermanus – Code 134512
    Account Number 115 785 7663
    Reference: online + your surname
    Simply pay by credit card by adding to the cart above in the brown button


Other courses?

We offer a number of online photography courses and are developing more all continually developing more. To see these visit The Photo Shed Academy.

If there is something specific that you would like to learn, please email focus@thephotoshedacademy.co.za and our team will consider it.


Terms & Conditions:

*  It’s up to you to keep up with the workshop.
*  No refund will be issued under any circumstances. You may transfer the start date once at no charge. 
*  Any negativity,  nudity or advertising posted in the Private Facebook Group  will be removed immediately.
* Entries close on the start day of the workshop.
* One entry = 1 email registration.



By taking part on the course you agree to be bound by The Photo Shed indemnity terms and conditions. The Photo Shed Academy, its staff, employees, suppliers and partners will not be held responsible for loss, injury, death or damage including consequential loss of any nature what-so-ever when on our courses.  By booking this course you understand and accept this.


Intellectual Property and Confidentiality:

By booking this challenge you accept and agree that any information given as well as any service providers, locations, workshops, partners, techniques or any part of the challenge what-so-ever is the Intellectual Property of The Photo Shed Academy.

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