Commercial Use

This service is offered to Professional Photographers


Our processing house is in a league of its own – and is brilliant at achieving consistency over a set of images.

Our chief editor has worked for Peter Hassall (National President of SA Pro Photographers) since 1998 and additionally served a 7-year apprenticeship one of at SA’s leading reproduction and printing companies. He has worked with expert colour specialists and has been providing scanning and layout services to the media industry for many years. He has been processing for The Photo Shed’s clients since 2013.

Each time you send photographs through – there is a set-up and file management fee of R150.00 – then a fee per image as listed.

Additional works such as deep-etching, photoshopping retouching and composting is quoted on.


Genres include: Architecture, product, weddings, interiors, pets, motor vehicles, sport, fashion and wildlife.


High & Low Res Output per Image
Additional Sizes for FB, Web, Social Media etc.
R 80.00
R 10.00
R 60.00
R 10.00
R 50.00
R 10.00
R 40.00
R 9.00
R 35.00
R 9.00
R 30.00
R 8.00
301 +
R 25.00
R 7.00


Social Media and Websites Platforms – Image & logo filing for businesses

Every Digital Image has different sizes and technical specifications for Print, Powerpoint, Websites, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Let us size and profile them correctly, so that your images display properly and quickly.

Is your business using different social media platforms, webpages with sliders and home pages that have different image sizes?

We process & crop your images and resize them for each media platform and then supply them in clearly marked folders. (facebook cover, profile pictures, instagram etc)

Great for businesses of all sizes

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