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Invest in 2 or 3 Hours Team Building Workshop that Creates Ongoing Interaction


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What puts the photo shed team build in a league of it’s own?
  • Accredited photographers:

    Peter Hassall is the National President of SA Pro Photographers (SAPP) and Leanne Dryburgh is the Western Cape Manager.

  • Experienced photographers:

    Peter has 35 years and Leanne 20 years  experience as working professional photographers

  • Experienced teachers:

They have been teaching photography since 2012 through (Locally and internationally) and offering cell phone photography workshops since 2013. This has enabled them to be fluent on the technical aspects of all makes of cameras and cell phones.


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There are 3 steps and 2 packages to choose from:


By understanding your needs and aspirations, our photographers will set up a workshop and photo-challenge geared specifically to meet your requirements. (see packages below)

2. We tailor-made A workshoP INCLUDING:
    • How to set up your cell phone cameras.
    • How to take better photos and videos on your cell phones.  
    • How to produce  ‘creative visual content.’
    • Enhance your social media visual skills.
    • How to think and pre-visualise before you photograph
    • Which editing Apps we recommended, download and use them.

3. We tailor-made A Photography Challenge:

Everyday, your team is given a theme to photograph and a tip on how to approach it.

      • They upload these daily in a closed environment (facebook or google drive).
      • The themes during weekdays are created around your corporate needs and on the weekends, the themes are free and fun.
      • Throughout the challenge, your staff naturally discuss their ideas, submit their photos and videos, interact with each other and comment on the submissions.
      • Our team also comment daily on each submission and encourage and advise.
      • At the end of the challenge,  the best photograph is selected, printed on an A3 canvas and presented to the winner.
      • We also create and print an A2 collage made up of the best images from each person on the challenge, which is  used as a long-term visual reminder of how effectively your team works together.

package A includes:
package b includes?
  • 2-hour Workshop run by Accredited SA Professional Photographers
  • Instruction on Photography
  • Photography editing
  • 7-day tailor-made Cell Phone Challenge allowing photography only
  • 3-hour Workshop run by Accredited SA Professional Photographers
  • Instruction on Photography and Videography
  • Photography editing
  • How to shoot video with no big editing
  • 14-day tailor-made Cell Phone Challenge allowing photography and videography


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Team Building at Creation Wine farm: 

Our team building is fun, hands on and interactive. Not only does everyone leave with a life skill – you also have the opportunity of enhancing your corporate image.