Olympus E-M5 Mark II Pancake Zoom 14-42 Kit Silver + EZ-M1442EZ black incl. Charger & Battery


Matrix 4/3 “, 16.1 megapixels / M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42mm / Zoom: 3x / support SD / SDHC / SDXC / Eye-Fi / touch swivel 3.0” LCD / FullHD video / Wi-Fi / power from the lithium-ion battery / 123.7 x 94.5 x 85 mm, 582 g / silver

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E-M5 Mark II: pictures without blur
On the start, attention, shoot! The 5-axis image stabilizer is ideal for capturing clear photos and movies in low light and without a tripod. Forward, backward, to the right, to the left … wherever the camera moves, the stabilizer will prevent blurring. It even allows you to get a clear picture in the viewfinder for accurate framing.

E-M5 Mark II: power in your hands
The E-M5 Mark II is a portable, secure device. It is not only light (weight about 417g), but also has a perfect design. Thanks to protection from dust / spray / low temperatures Mother Nature will not bother you while taking photos or videos. A compact size will allow you to be in the center of attention, without standing out from the crowd.

E-M5 Mark II: simple video shooting
Get rid of cumbersome stabilizers, which are usually used when shooting video with movie quality. The 5-axis image stabilizer of the E-M5 Mark II camera is everything you need for shooting movies. Now you can take photos at the same time as you shoot a video. High bit rate up to 77 MB and high frequency allow you to record movies in Full HD-quality.

Open new horizons The
LCD screen can be rotated at any angle, and you can shoot incredible videos. Operate the microphone and timer from the display or use the digital level.

Incredible image resolution
The higher the resolution, the better the fine details are displayed. Therefore, the E-M5 Mark II camera supports image resolution up to 40 megapixels. Take 9 consecutive shots and combine them into one. This method is ideal for photographing art objects, landscapes and much more!

Control without wires
Full control over shooting: control the camera remotely and wirelessly using a smartphone. Thanks to the support of the Wi-Fi camera E-M5 Mark II, you can set the speed, shutter speed and other settings without having to touch the camera. Use the Olympus Image Share application for your phone and instantly upload photos to social networks.

A variety of lenses
Discover a compact lens system that will give you freedom: the Olympus Micro 4/3 “system, which has more than 40 lenses, many of which are protected from dust, splashes and low temperatures.” A great start to your artistic history, from macro and wide-angle photos to telephoning.Their high quality is perfectly combined with modern technologies of OM-D and allows you to make excellent photos and videos.