Commercial Use

This service is offered to Businesses and Professional Photographers

Each time you send photographs through – there is a set-up and file management fee of R250.00 – then a fee per image as listed:

High Res Output per Image
Additional Sizes for FB, Web, Social Media etc.
R 100.00
R 10.00
R 80.00
R 10.00
R 70.00
R 10.00
R 60.00
R 10.00
R 50.00
R 10.00
R 40.00
R 10.00
301 +
R 30.00
R 10.00

Why send a 10 Mb file when you only need a 100 Kb file ?

Every Digital Image has different sizes and technical specifications for Print, Powerpoint, Websites, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Let us size and profile them correctly, so that your images display properly and quickly. This even applies to your logos.

Sizing images for AirBnB,, Trip Advisor etc.


Is you page performance down because your images are not properly sized?


We process & resize your images correctly for each platform, getting you a higher page score and an increased booking rate. If you like, we will upload them for you too!

Social Media and Websites Platforms – Image & logo filing


Is your business using different social media platforms, webpages with sliders and home pages that have different image sizes?


We process & crop your images and resize them for each media platform and then supply them in clearly marked folders. (facebook cover, profile pictures, instagram etc)

Great for businesses of all sizes

Freelance Processing for Professional Working Photographers


Too much work? Is your processing holding you back from delivering efficiently your clients?


Being a photographer is having two jobs with two deadlines! The shoot is only a portion of your work. We have packages depending on the number of images that you need processed.

Terms and conditions apply